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Tip the Scales of Justice in Your Favor

New York State Traffic Tickets Dismissed or Reduced


The Law Offices of Michael Spevack is a boutique law firm specializing in dismissing or reducing traffic tickets and their resulting consequences in New York State.

Since 1995, our lawyers have helped thousands of professional drivers keep their licenses and reduce penalties associated with traffic stops.  We are available to help the general public with tickets as well.

From traffic tickets to DWI’s in all parts of New York State, The Law Offices of Michael Spevack will help YOU!



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A qualified law firm like the Law Offices of Michael Spevack:

  1. Knows the law regarding traffic stops and can apply it to your advantage;
  2. Knows the procedures of the court where your case is being heard and can maneuver through the hoops and hurdles of such court;
  3. Will diligently learn the facts of your case to apply them to your benefit in court;
  4. Will act with courtesy, diligence and respect to you and the court personnel to help protect your license and save you money and time;
  5. Will prevent you from having to go to court in most matters.

The Law Offices of Michael Spevack is a fabulous law firm.  Michael Spevack is knowledgeable, kind and effective.  I have received several summonses throughout New York State and in New York City and Mr. Spevack has dismissed or reduced each one.  I need my license to work at my job as an executive at a prominent Audio and Visual firm in New York City, and I would have lost my job if not for Mr. Spevack’s excellent work.  Thank you, Mike and staff!!

Or Israel

VP, ATD Audio Visual

I got caught speeding on my way to school in the Southern Tier of New York.  I did not know what to do at first but was lucky enough to have attorney Michael Spevack get involved in my situation.  He literally saved my life.  He handled all of my paperwork and I did not have to miss any school to deal with the summons.  He always treated me with respect and courtesy and explained everything to me clearly.  I wound up with a parking ticket instead of a speeding ticket.

Elizabeth Arnold

Student at SUNY

I am a New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) licensed driver who drives for Uber.  The Law Offices of Michael Spevack helped me to prevent the loss of my job and for a very reasonable fee by representing me at TLC. Thank you Mike for your help.

Johnny Khan

TLC Licensee

Reckless Driving

What if you receive a summons for reckless driving in New York State?  VTL section 1212 governs the law regarding reckless driving throughout New York, and this particular law is quite perilous for motorists charged with violating its provisions.  Reckless driving is...